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Jiaxing Chishing®is a China Drywall Screw Manufacturers and China Drywall Screw Suppliers.Mainly produces drywall screws,chipboard screws,straw rope screws,tail cutting screws,self drilling screws,self tapping screws,bolts and nails and other non-standard products.The product standards include DIN,ISO,GB,etc.In addition,various non-standard screws are produced according to the requirements of customers.

The biggest feature of drywall screw in appearance is the shape of horn head,which is divided into double thread fine thread drywall screws and single thread coarse thread drywall screw. The biggest difference between the two is that the thread of the former is double thread,which is applicable to the connection between gypsum board and metal keel with thickness not exceeding 0.8mm,while the latter is applicable to the connection between gypsum board and wood keel.

Carbonized drywall screw is the most basic product line,and blue white zinc drywall screw is a supplement.The application scope and purchase price of the two are basically the same.The slight difference is that the black photostatting has certain lubricity,and the attack speed(the speed of entering the specified thickness steel plate,which is a quality assessment index) is slightly better;Blue and white zinc is slightly better in rust prevention effect,and the natural color of the product is light,which is not easy to be colored after coating decoration.

Drywall screw series is one of the most important categories in the whole fastener product line.Drywall screws are mainly used for the installation of various gypsum boards,light partition walls and ceiling ceiling series.

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