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Hex Flange Head Self Tapping Screw

Hex Flange Head Self Tapping Screw

Jiaxing Chishing® Precision Hardware Technology Co.,Ltd mainly produces drywall screws,chipboard screws,straw rope screws, tail cutting screws,self drilling screws,Hex flange head self tapping screws,bolts and nails and other non-standard products. The product standards include DIN,ISO,GB,etc.In addition, various non-standard screws are produced according to the requirements of customers.

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Product Description

Characteristics and applications of Jiaxing Chishing® Hex flange head self tapping screws

System introduction

Hex flange head self tapping screws is a kind of screw with drill bit.It is constructed by special electric tools,and drilling, tapping,fixing and locking are completed at one time.Hex flange head self tapping screws are mainly used for connection and fixation of some thin plate parts,such as the connection between color steel plates and color steel plates,the connection between color steel plates and purl-ins,wall beams,etc.Their penetration capacity is generally not more than 6mm,and the maximum is not more than 12mm.Hex flange head self tapping screws are often exposed outdoors and have strong corrosion resistance;The rubber sealing ring can ensure that the screw is impermeable and has good corrosion resistance.Hex flange head self tapping screws are usually described by three parameters:screw diameter series,number of threads per inch length and screw length.There are 10 and 12 levels of screw diameters,and the corresponding screw diameters are 4.87mm and 5.43mm respectively;There are 14, 16 and 24 threads per inch length.The more threads per inch length,the stronger the self tapping ability.

Product differentiation

The Hex flange head self tapping screws has high hardness, wide thread spacing,deep thread and rough surface,while the wood screw has the opposite.Another difference is more obvious.The rear section of the wood screw has no thread.The wood screw thread is thin,blunt and soft.The thread of self tapping screw is thick,sharp and hard.

Structural elements

The Hex flange head self tapping screws is composed of the head,the rod and the end of the rod from the beginning to the end.Each self tapping screw has four major elements:head shape, screwing method,thread type and end type.Head shape - head shapes vary.There are round head (half round head),flat round head, round head flange (with PAD),flat round head flange (with PAD),pan head,pan head flange (with PAD), countersunk head,semi countersunk head,cylindrical head, spherical cylindrical head,horn head,hexagon head,hexagon flange head,hexagon flange (with PAD),etc.Screwing methods - there are various screwing methods.External wrench:Hexagon, hexagon flange face,hexagon flange,hexagon flower shape,etc; Internal wrenching: straight groove, cross groove H (Phillips), cross groove Z (pozidriv),cross groove f (frearson),square groove (scrulox),compound groove,internal spline,internal hexagon flower (plum blossom groove),internal triangle,internal hexagon, internal 12 angle,clutch groove, six blade groove,high torque cross groove,etc.Thread types - there are many kinds of threads. There are self tapping thread(wide thread),machine thread,dry wall nail thread,fiber board nail thread,and some other special threads.In addition,threads can be divided into single lead (single head),double lead(double head),multi lead(multi head) and high and low thread double head threads.End type-the end type mainly includes saw end and flat end.A groove,a notch or a part similar to a drill bit shape having a cutting function can be processed according to the use function.In some standards,the same saw end or flat end also has different forms.It can be seen from the above introduction that there are various changes in the head shape,screwing mode,thread type and rod end type of self tapping screws.They can be combined with each other to develop many different products belonging to the category of self tapping screws.

surface treatment

Most self tapping screws are coated with zinc or zinc phosphate.Cadmium plating is rarely used because of its high cost and toxicity.If appearance is important,nickel or chromium can be selected.

Main features:

Although there are many kinds of self tapping screws, they all have the following main characteristics:

(1) It is generally made of carburized steel(accounting for 99% of the total product).Stainless steel or non-ferrous metal may also be used.

(2) The product must undergo heat treatment.Carbon steel self tapping screws must undergo carburize treatment,and stainless steel self tapping screws must undergo solution hardening treatment.So that the self tapping screw can meet the mechanical performance and service performance required by the standard.

(3) The product has high surface hardness and good core toughness.That is,"soft inside and hard outside".This is a major feature of the performance requirements of self tapping screws. If the surface hardness is low,it cannot be screwed into the base; If the toughness of the core is poor,it will break once screwed and cannot be used.Therefore,"soft inside and hard outside"is that self tapping screws meet the requirements of service performance.

(4) The product surface needs surface protection treatment, generally electroplating treatment.Some products need phosphate treatment(phosphating) on the surface.For example, the self tapping screws of wallboard are mostly photostatted.

(5) It is produced by cold heading process.It is recommended to use high-speed cold heading machine,high-speed wire rolling machine or high-speed planetary wire rolling machine to ensure product quality.The self tapping screw produced in this way has good head forming and high thread quality.

The process is controlled layer by layer,and everyone pays attention to quality.

(1) Quality:Products use high-quality materials to ensure quality. We have a professional QC team to inspect every project from production to packaging.And before leaving the factory,all specifications of products are sampled and tested to ensure stable quality.We guarantee the high-quality coating and low roughness of screws.

(2) Product features:Straight,not easy to break,sharp thread, good drill ability.

(3) Strict quality control:For each order,the quality control department will conduct strict inspection before delivery.Poor quality will be avoided in the door.

(4) Transportation:We have transportation department and freight forwarder,so we can ensure faster delivery and better protection of goods.

(5) Efficiency:Fast production time,only 260 minutes away from the nearest Shanghai port.

(6) Service:Customer service answers customer questions online 24 hours a day,and uses high-quality materials to ensure quality.

Product display of Hex flange head self tapping screw

Hex flange head self tapping screw product parameter


Self Tapping Screw

Product Name

Hex Flange Head Self Tapping Screw






Carbon Steel(C1022A)

Surface Treatment


Head Type

Hex Flange Head

Groove Type



Drill Point or Sharp Point







HS Code








Threaded Fastener


High Tension,Single Piece,

Single Side Combination


Steel Plate Connection,etc


Mechanical Engineering





Transport Package

Bulk,Bag,Box,Plastic Barrel


FOB Ningbo or Shanghai port

Payment method


Delivery Time


Production Capacity



Zhejiang China

Support for Custom


Product advantages:

1. Use good quality material to ensure the quality

2. High quality coating and low roughness

3. Straight,not easy to broken

4. Sharp thread,good drilling

5. Stable quality

6. Fast production time

Instructions for the use of Jiaxing Chishing® Hex flange head self tapping screws

Hex flange head tapping screws shall be equipped with solid wrenches, ring wrenches,socket wrenches or wrenches.

Packing method of Hex flange head self tapping screws

We usually use bulk,color box,Kraft carton,PC plastic box,PC plastic bucket,tray and other packaging methods.

Of course, customers can also customize.

Company introduction

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