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What kinds of electroplated grinding and polishing are there? -High-strength screws


Grinding and polishing usually have: sandblasting treatment, grinding process, polishing process, chemical polishing, electrochemical polishing several.
1, sandblasting treatment: is the use of compressed air flow will be sand sprayed on the surface of the workpiece, the use of sand impact on the surface of the workpiece for cleaning or finishing process. The main uses are.
A improve the roughness of the workpiece surface to increase adhesion.
B To remove burrs, oxides and slag or impurities on the surface of the workpiece.
C workpiece before plating opaline chrome matting treatment, etc.
2, grinding process: is the use of grinding wheel on the sharp edges of the abrasive cutting metal surface, to remove the oxide skin and level the metal surface.
3、Polishing process: It is to further eliminate the fine unevenness on the surface of the processed parts, so that it has a mirror luster. For the preparation before plating or finishing after plating.
4, chemical polishing: is the workpiece in the solution, without external power supply, the workpiece polishing method.
5, electrochemical polishing: is to put the workpiece in the solution, in the solution of electricity to improve the flatness and gloss of the surface of the metal workpiece method.
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