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Self-tapping screws knowledge, non-standard screws


Self-tapping screw is a kind of screw with drilling head, through the construction of special power tools, drilling, tapping, fixing and locking is completed in one time. Self-tapping screws are mainly used for the connection and fixing of some thinner plates, such as the connection of color steel plate and color steel plate, color steel plate and purlin, wall beam connection, etc. Its penetration capacity is generally not more than 6mm, the maximum does not exceed 12mm. self-tapping screws are often exposed to the outdoors and have strong corrosion resistance of their own; their rubber seals can ensure that the screws do not seep and have good corrosion resistance.
Self-tapping screws are usually described by three parameters: the number of screw diameter grades, the number of threads per inch of length and the length of the screw. There are two kinds of screw diameter grade 10 and 12, which correspond to the screw diameter of 4.87mm and 5.43mm; the number of threads per inch length has 14, 16, 24 three levels, the more the number of threads per inch length, the stronger its self-drilling ability.
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