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Surface treatment of stainless steel non-standard screws


Not steel non-standard screws of each drawing has the technical requirements of deburring, deburring work seating, process personnel are often unable to prepare process documents, usually using clang knife, cloth wheel, sand cloth, sand belt and other methods to remove the burr. So how do we do the surface treatment process?
With the progress of science and technology and the development of production, manual deburring has not been able to adapt to the requirements of modern market competition in product quality and production methods, light finishing processing technology has gradually replaced the traditional deburring process, and more and more attention is being paid to the current some advanced enterprises mechanical parts finishing and finishing has been the content of the technical requirements of the drawings by the technical staff, and the formation of a standard process, selection, vibration screening, the Manual electric combustion sorting and conveyor belt type force avoidance sorting, can
according to the actual situation. The cleaning of the grinding block and workpiece is best done by ultrasonic cleaning method, and then rinsed with clean water, special attention should be paid to the dehydration drying and anti-rust treatment of the workpiece. A large number of process tests found that the workpiece by the roller grinding and finishing process after the surface is bright and clean, the surface of the active metal molecules exposed to the air quickly oxidation black, but rust, the reason for cleaning the water film left on the surface of the parts formed a layer of electrolyte solution necessary for electrochemical corrosion, the ionization of water is small, but can still be ionized into + and [h-, this ionization process is accelerated with the rise in temperature. Also dissolved in water (02, S02, etc., are very easy to combine with water.
The surface of the non-standard screws is special, in order to achieve the appearance of non-standard screws without doubt, the number of clean, beautiful light high effect, Dongmeng final break hardware is equipped with snow dynamic grinding machine, (live in a large number of pieces is to remove burrs), but also the surface can do mirror polishing.