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What are the quality testing methods for screws?


  The first test of electrical screws should be carried out from the wire of the screw. The quality of fine screws is directly related to the wire used to produce them. Good screws, wires and open screws are more beautiful. What screw head bursts, what the wire is bad. Good screw wires usually do not find this condition.

Next is the inspection of screw head forming. In the screw forming, the first thing is to test the production screw mold. With good forming ability to make quality screw products. Screw machine inspection in production is conducive to safe and smooth production. Check the appearance of formed screws for burrs and check the dimensional length of formed screws. See if these dimensions meet national standards or customer-specific requirements.

The second is the inspection of screw friction. The head of the screw is, of course, the tooth plate. All the teeth coming out of a good tooth plate must be able to pass the no-pass rule. Go no go no go. Another is the test pitch. It also needs to meet the national standards and specifications of the screw or customer requirements.

Finally, the color inspection and salt spray test for plated screws. Check the color of the plated screws. The smoothness of the screw surface. Salt spray test to check the rusting time of the screws or how many hours the salt spray screws will rust. After that, we checked the delivery of the screws. The approach is to pick out the screws that do not pass the test. Provide the best quality screws to our customers. Ensure the quality of screws.