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Jiaxing Chishing®(Established in 2005)is a China Wood Screw Manufacturers and China Wood Screw Suppliers.For many years,we have been committed to wood screw.Our products have a good price advantage,covering most of the European,American and Southeast Asian markets.We look forward to becoming your long-term partner in China.

Wood screws are mainly made of steel,iron and copper.The types are divided into round head type,countersunk head type and elliptical head type according to the different nail heads. Generally,the round head screws are made of soft steel and are blue.The flat head screws are polished.The oval head screws are usually plated with cadmium and chromium.They are commonly used to install hinges,hooks and other hardware fittings.Wood screw(according to groove type)is also divided into Slotted screws,Phillips screws,Pozidriv screws,Round hole,Torx,Square screws,Hexagon or custom groove type screws. 

Purpose of wood screw:similar to mechanical screw,but the thread on the screw is the special rib of wood screw,which can be directly screwed into wood components(or parts).Generally,wood screws are polished and used to install hinges,hooks and other hardware fittings.The specification is determined by the diameter,length and nail head type of the rod.

The advantage of wood screw is that the consolidation capacity is stronger than that of nailing,and it can be removed and replaced,which is less harmful to the wood surface and more convenient to use.

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We are professional in manufacturing Wood Screw Chishing is one of the Wood Screw manufacturers and suppliers made in China. We can provide customized items to meet your needs. How to get cheap products? You can buy wholesale. If you are interested, please contact us.